When a performance takes place I consider the proximity to the viewer and to the space I perform in. An often complex or diverse space challenges the performer to be aware of what is happening around him and what does this particular space need in that very moment in time. Therefore I believe that a […]

We want to do something that people can relate to, so we take what’s there and re-present it to them. Not necessary. They can look at it themselves, with their own eyes. What we do is interpreting what we learn from where we go, and who we meet. These things trigger ways of seeing that […]

I cannot make this look like a discursive comment. It just has to come out in fragments: An oasis for the soul. A physical place made state of mind, A “movement” A place in between. I have been feeling strongly about the body as a metaphor, as a place that signifies. Surely it is because […]

I laugh to myself all the time when I ‘make’ things. It is very normal for me to start making without having any idea of what it is. I mean, I know roughly what I am doing, I am knitting, I am drawing, I am sewing, I am writing. But at most times I don’t […]

It strikes me to watch buses go by the window of the kitchen at any time of the day and night. People of all sorts, in transit for hours, sitting for hours, moving without really moving (given exception for those who play an imaginary drum as the guy on the double decker who just went […]

I kept giving myself tips to avoid making something (work) that I would never want to see. Then I realized instead that it was not what I was doing. I wasn’t preventing myself from making work that I would not like. I don’t really care about liking or not what I come up with. I […]

Absolute thoughtlessness.And this immediately leads to a flow of consciousness triggered by my realization of yesterday’s that I have been looking too hard at myself and recording every accident and incident that happens during the day is not necessarily the right thing to do at all occasions.It works in the beginning when everything is new […]